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    WHAT DO YOU REVIEW DURING THE DIAGNOSTIC REVIEW? We use a comprehensive Diagnostic checklist when reviewing your QuickBooks Online file. This includes an interview with you to understand your general policies and procedures regarding cash, revenue, expenses, and more. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF A DIAGNOSITC REVIEW? We pinpoint issues and share our findings through a summary report or video. We assess the importance of these findings in a specific client area and provide comments as needed, We highlight areas that require corrective action, document the severity of problems, set priorities for fixing them, and develop recommendations. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO PERFORM A DIAGNOSIS? When provided with complete access to the necessary data for our QuickBooks Online Diagnostic Review, we typically complete the assessment and deliver results within 10-14 business days. The timeframe may vary based on the complexity and condition of the books. DO YOU CHARGE TO REVIEW MY BOOKS? At Ledger Haven, we charge a fee for our QuickBooks Online Diagnostic Reviews because they involve thorough time and expertise. We're committed to providing valuable insights and practical advice to improve your financial management. We believe the benefits outweigh the cost, making it a worthwhile investment for a healthier business. Think of our QBO Diagnostic Review as the first step towards achieving a financially sound business. Please note that the exact fee can vary based on factors such as the number of bank accounts, transactions, and monthly gross sales. This ensures our pricing is tailored to the specific needs and complexity of your business. WHAT DATA DO YOU NEED TO PERFORM A DIAGNOSTIC REVIEW? To get started, we ask that you grant us accountant access to your QuickBooks Online system. If necessary, we'll share a list of additional documents and set up a shared file for any uploads you might have. Additionally, we'd like to schedule a few meetings with the owner or principal for interviews to better understand your policies and procedures. DO YOU FIX ANYTHING YOU FIND WRONG? When we perform the Diagnostic Review, we prepare a Diagnostic report where we document the area we reviewed, our findings, what is working and what may need to be reviewed, revised, and/or adjusted. We make our recommendations for the next steps and discuss that with you during a Zoom Video call or in our Diagnostic Report.
    HOW DO I KNOW IF I NEED TO HAVE YOU CLEAN UP MY BOOKS? As you focus on building your business, whether you handle your own books or have someone helping, you might start feeling that something isn't quite right. If you're unsure about what's going on, consider scheduling a discovery call to explore the option of a diagnostic review performed by us. WHAT DO YOU CLEAN UP? Upon the completion of the Diagnostic Financial Review, we make recommendations which include what to correct, adjust and/or clean up in order to get your books back on track or get your financial records in shape for a specific event, such as filing a tax return. WHAT CAN I EXPECT FROM YOU DURING THE CLEAN-UP? We assess the project using our checklists and best practices, considering the cleanup requirements and the volume of data to be reviewed and corrected. Our comprehensive cleanup process involves multiple check-in meetings with you. Before starting the scope of work, we provide a flat fee quote. To initiate the project, we request 50% of the fee upfront, with the remaining 50% due upon completion of the cleanup project. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CLEAN UP OR CATCH UP? In many small businesses, other tasks can take over, and you may fall behind in managing your finances. When it's time to file taxes or present financial statements for a loan, we can step in to catch you up on your records and get you back on track. We'll require access to specific data, such as bank statements, credit card statements, payroll records, and more. HOW DO YOU PERFORM THE CLEAN-UP OR CATCH-UP WORK? All our work is done online. To begin, we'll ask for access to your data sources and request access to your QuickBooks Online file. Alternatively, we can set up a secure folder on platforms like OneDrive, or Google Drive for you to easily upload the necessary documents.
    WHAT ACCOUNTING SYSTEMS DO YOU USE? We exclusively use QuickBooks Online for all bookkeeping work because it is efficient and reliable. We also work best with clients who are comfortable using QuickBooks Online. If you are not already using QBO and want to give it a try, we also offer help with setting up QuickBooks for a smooth transition. Recognizing the unique needs of each business, we can also recommend specific apps that integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks Online, offering tailored solutions to enhance functionality and streamline accounting processes. HOW MUCH DO YOU CHARGE FOR MONTHLY BOOKKEEPING SERVICES? We use a value pricing method for our bookkeeping services, which involves a monthly flat fee. To determine this fee, we start with a free discovery call to understand your business, needs, and challenges. Based on our discussion, we’ll provide a customized quote with three options: silver, gold, and platinum bookkeeping packages. This approach ensures transparency and flexibility to meet your specific requirements. Based on your bookkeeping needs, we might suggest a diagnostic review and cleanup services first to ensure everything is in order before discussing monthly bookkeeping services. It's crucial to understand your current financial status to plan effectively for the future. HOW DO YOU WORK WITH YOUR CLIENTS? We handle everything remotely. Thanks to today's technology, we stay connected with our clients through WhatsApp, email, Zoom, and various check-in meetings to keep everything on track. DO YOU PREPARE TAX RETURNS? No. We handle your day-to-day bookkeeping and typically partner with your tax preparer or CPA firm that specializes in all things taxes. We offer to collaborate with your tax accountant to ensure a hassle-free experience during tax season.


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